Thursday, July 12, 2012

OMG - O My Godwin!

TPM's Evan McMorris-Santoro:

Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) on Thursday simultaneously apologized for and doubled down on comments he made last week equating the IRS with the Gestapo.

LePage told Vermont weekly Seven Days that he understands why his claim about the IRS — voiced after the Supreme Court upheld the health care law — offended some.

LePage then "apologized" to every ethnic, racial and national group of American citizens under the Sun, and then, astonishingly, reaffirmed his original comparison:

“What I’m trying to say is that the Holocaust was a horrific crime against humanity and, frankly, I would never want to see that repeated,” he said. “Maybe the IRS is not quite as bad. Yet.”

LePage explained that the connection between the Holocaust and “Obamacare” comes from what he called “rationing” contained in the law:

If this passes muster under Godwin's Law, then, even though Mike Godwin is very much still alive, please count me as a follower of the "Godwin is Dead" movement.


  1. I love that this guy, who won his office with 38% of the vote, has come out to talk trash in support of a guy who currently is at 25% in the polls. Brock is currently one of my state senators--will be glad to be rid of him.

  2. Sometimes, ntodd, the nutjobs really are nuts. This is one of those times.

  3. Tell they guy to stop digging. He's clearly in a hole... or an A hole!

  4. My guess is that Le Page has a secret stash of SS uniforms.

  5. jams, karmanot - this fellow is almost a living stereotype. It shouldn't be so easy for us to poke fun at him, but it is. (Those SS uniforms are bound to be hot in these times of global climate change!)

  6. "Oh, we Germans must get used to all climates, from Russia to the Sahara..."

  7. I hate to say it, ntodd, but I can just imagine hearing that statement in Angela Merkel's voice...



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