Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Internet Defense League Launches Tomorrow

Do you give a damn whether private corporations with unfriendly agendas prevail upon their lackeys in Congress to give them effective control over the Internet? Do you care whether SOPA/PIPA and its descendants impose ridiculously stringent restrictions on your web sites' content? You do, and you do? Great! Sign up to be part of the Internet Defense League. Before you sign up, take a look at their list of early institutional members; I think you'll feel you're in good company.

Here's a selection: Mozilla, WordPress, Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), FightForTheFuture, reddit, CHEEZburger (!), Open Technology Institute, ... just go look for yourself, so I won't have to type dozens of links. And yes, your doggerelist is a member; I signed up many weeks ago.

Oh, and for members (free to sign up... donations accepted, of course), there are all kinds of cool logos for your site, including the cat face in the sidebar here.


  1. Although the EU has voted down similar-ish legislation (ACTA) it's only a matter of time before there are further onslaughts

  2. jams, the Internet is simply too tempting a target for the MOTU. They will not leave the 'net alone until they own it or at least control it to the point where no serious political action takes place on it. Our mission is to slow them down; the IDL seems like a good starting point. Note that this is not corporate vs. anticorporate; some corporations and org's view what is happening with alarm.

    And if the bad guys manage to slay I Can Has Cheezburger, I'll make them pay :-)



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