Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Long Day Wednesday, Blogging Late

My Wednesday contains an early doc appointment, a pharmacy run and a grocery shopping trip, separated by a total of four (4) METROLift™ rides and the usual interminable waiting. Oh, and an exercise session. I'll be back to the blog when I'm able. Thank you for your patience.


  1. Sounds like the army... hurry up and wait, exercise, see the doc, wait, exercise....

    /waves pom poms... Go Steve!

    1. Thanks, Enfant and ellroon.

      The day itself was one of the awfulest ever for METROLift. On two of the four trips, ML was over an hour late picking me up. In the runup to one of the trips, I called the dispatcher five (5) times; each time I was assured that a vehicle had been assigned to pick me up and it was "only x miles away" from my home... sometimes "x" increased between calls. On the last 3 of those calls, the dispatcher seemed at first to think I was already at the Target store trying to get home. The actual 2nd trip (doc appt to home) was so late I almost didn't have time to stuff a sandwich in my mouth before the 3rd trip (home to Target)... and I had originally scheduled 1.5 hours between those trips. The 2nd trip... well, I asked the staff at the doc's office how much it would cost me for a room for the night. :-)

      Some of the changes ML has made will inevitably improve the apparent statistics... total passenger miles (most passengers ride on more trips for other passengers now) and more passengers per day per driver. I am reminded of the cone-haired boss in Dilbert who once offered a bonus for every bug found and fixed by one of his programmers, except in this case all the drivers get is to keep their jobs. :-(

      This cannot continue. My PT is over with in a few weeks, but I'm still not driving yet and my car is dead in the garage; I'm not sure how I will resolve the problem.



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