Friday, July 19, 2013

P.T. Or Not P.T., That Is No Longer The Question... I'm Done!

Today was my last regular physical therapy session at TIRR Kirby Glen. I am, at long last, done, after about seven months of combined home health and outpatient physical therapy. Everything I said in January is still true in July, and I expect it to continue, renewed and probably intensified, as Stella embarks on a course of physical therapy of her own.

There's always a lot to learn, and sometimes there are things one cannot learn at home, or alone. I feel as if I have completed a semester of harpsichord lessons from a professor at a school of music... and now have seven or nine semesters more in front of me before I can claim anything like mastery of the instrument. When the instrument is your body, the motivation is very strong, but the learning is not necessarily easier. We progress as fast as we can, and no faster. I'll keep you apprised of our progress.

To be continued...


  1. Steve,

    Let Stella take care of you, her own way!

    1. Enfant, that's a charming idea, and sounds much more pleasant than what I actually meant to say: Stella has medical problems of her own, as do most people of our age, and one of the problems leads her to seek physical therapy herself. Among our various doctors, we share one specialist; the same doctor who prescribed my P.T. also prescribed Stella's, for completely different reasons. One more thing we have in common: Stella anticipates good results from her P.T. within a reasonably short time.

      Still, if Stella wants to nurse me to health with her own kind of therapy, who am I to refuse? ;-)

  2. Now you have the routine and the basic knowledge, so it is a matter of practicing, which is the toughest part of any route to a new skill, because you don't get the reinforcement of someone telling you that you are doing it properly and improving.

    In my area you could connect up with several different groups of amputees, including some that are made up of people your age, Steve. I don't know if Houston has them, but you might want to check.

    I don't feel "golden" when I roll out of bed in the morning, I feel like going back to bed.

    1. Bryan, I've concluded that it's too much to expect that we feel "golden" first thing in the morning! :-) My best time, physically, is at 7:00 PM or so; by then, I move with some ease, and even forget for an hour or two that I'm wearing a prosthesis.

      I have one major practical problem to resolve before I join any groups: transportation. Stella can drive, but she has an evening schedule jam-packed with activities, and I doubt she would be inclined to sacrifice any of them. I need to get my car working again, and (if necessary) learn to drive it again. Then I can contemplate joining groups.

  3. Physical therapy is best exercise to make the muscles strengthen. You can also continue any simple exercise in routine at your home.
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    1. Welcome, Novak Jim! My primary P.T. sent me off with a two-page list of exercises specifically aimed at strengthening my legs (my right leg was amputated below the knee) and improving my balance, on one foot or two feet in various relative positions. I still have my list of daily exercises for general strengthening and stretching, also provided by my P.T. much earlier in the process; she knows me well, and I have confidence in her advice based on how effective it has been in restoring my health to this point. You are right: physical therapy is a modern-day miracle, and I certainly intend to continue these exercises at home.



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