Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tea Party Rep: Trusting Obama On Border Security Is LIke Trusting Your Daughter With Bill Clinton

Despite eight years of George W. Bush and four full years of Obama, GOPers continue to play the Bill Clinton card.

I am amazed that there are still American voters who even remember Bill's sexual escapades, let alone think they have any bearing on Obama's border policy decisions... but apparently there are GOPers out there for whom time stopped in 1996 and nothing important has happened in the world since Monica gave Bill a BJ.

Um, people... since then, we've had a major terrorist assault, a Republican president, an almost-Republican president and more shit hitting more fans than you can count, notably an economic crisis that may eventually affect your paycheck if it hasn't already. If giving a president an illicit BJ will return the economy to the condition it was in during Bill Clinton's terms, I'm all in favor of it. Somebody help the man with his zipper, please...

(BTW, the Republican rep's name, "Huelskamp," is... (said in hushed tones) Dutch. You know how sexually promiscuous the Dutch are. Pass the word.)


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    1. Me too, Mad, more with every passing year. (Sorry I missed your comment earlier.)



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