Friday, July 19, 2013

Something Obama Did Right

I am so frequently (and justifiably) critical of President Obama that when he does something just right, with the right message delivered in the right tone, in a manner that reduces rather than increases the divisiveness intrinsic in practically every issue Americans face and debate, his right action should be rewarded. This short speech on his reaction to the Trayvon Martin killing and the nature and outcome of George Zimmerman's trial are certainly such a right thing. Without further chatter, here is President Obama:

Exactly so. America's racial conflict truly has decreased since my youth 50 years ago, and if we can somehow avoid responding to the people who would rather stir up trouble over an incident than learn from it, grieve, approach the incident as constructively as possible in an inevitably tragic and divisive situation, maybe, just maybe, we can make things better for the next generation. In my opinion, it is long past time to attempt a more constructive approach.

(H/T TPM for the White House video.)

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