Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pro Publica Addresses The Question, 'Does The NSA Tap That?'

'Does The NSA Tap That?' Here's a summary of Pro Publica's conclusions,
I'm wired... you're not!
expressed in tiny quotes from its article:

Is the NSA really sucking up everything?
It’s not clear.

Is purely domestic communication being swept up in the NSA’s upstream surveillance?
It’s not at all clear.

Are companies still cooperating with the NSA’s Internet tapping?
We don’t know.

What legal authority is the NSA using for upstream surveillance?
It’s unclear, ...

How much Internet traffic is the NSA storing?
We don’t know, ...

How does the NSA do filtering of the data it gets off cables in the United States?
... “I think it’s an incredibly difficult problem.”

Is NSA the Alberto Gonzales of government agencies, or is Pro Publica the Alberto Gonzales of news sites? I'm betting on the former...

I can't recall...


  1. Or maybe the NSA is the Ronald Reagan of government agencies. Or maybe the Bill Clinton. If phone cables are female, that is. 'Cause you know he'd tap that :).

    1. :-)

      I don't know about that, 'tux; our man Bill is getting kinda old...



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