Saturday, July 13, 2013

Texas GOP To Women: You Have No Rights

I am still not calm enough to write this post in any detail, so I will simply refer you to Chris Tomlinson and Will Weissert of AP at TPM. Texas has passed arguably the most restrictive anti-abortion bill in the nation. Only one Democrat (who? anybody know?) voted for it. No Democratic amendments were permitted by Republicans. Pro‑choice protesters frequently disrupted proceedings, not expecting to be able to stop the bill, but persevering nonetheless... please see the photo below of the T-shirt.

This bill is almost certainly unconstitutional, and no one is giving up the fight. Ricky-boy Perry may think Texas has seceded, but he is about to learn that in America, the laws of the land also apply to Texas. He may also learn a thing or two about Texas women... I don't know, though; he's pretty damned stupid.

(T-shirt pic found on Facebook.)

UPDATE: yesterday, DPS was confiscating tampons from women entering the state Senate gallery. Not handguns... if you had a concealed handgun license, you could still carry your pistol into the gallery... but not a tampon. Apparently the GOP was afraid women would throw tampons at the legislators after the vote, which I believe speaks volumes about the concerns of the GOP where women are concerned. (Apologies for the large graphics file.) No word on whether the GOP was inspecting women for concealed tampons...

(H/T Charles Kuffner. Also read Juanita.)

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