Monday, July 15, 2013

Your Gun Misuse Report For The Day


Arizona Man Accidentally Shoots 2-Year-Old Niece In Leg

Zoe Schlanger [TPM] 10:25 AM EDT, Monday July 15, 2013

Authorities said a 2-year-old girl on Saturday near Tucson, Ariz. was shot in the leg by her uncle, who accidentally discharged his weapon, the Arizona Republic reported.

Richard Moreno, 23, was just outside the girl's home when the firearm went off, authorities said. The bullet went through a wall and struck the girl in the leg while she was in another room. Moreno then fled the scene, according to authorities, who later arrested him in his mother's home.

The girl was recovering, according to Phoenix television station KPHO.
Ah, yes... another fine example of the kind of (ahem) responsible gun ownership we keep hearing about. Neither article mentions the type of gun that was accidentally fired. So I have no pic to offer. What good is a firearm article without a pic of a piece?

According to the Arizona Republic article, Moreno was arrested at his mother's house and charged with aggravated assault. I suppose gun violence is OK if you keep it all in the family...

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