Saturday, July 20, 2013

'Stand Your Ground' Laws As Gun Industry Marketing Tools: Bill Moyers Interviews Industry Analyst Tom Diaz

Here's Tom Diaz in brief:
What we have is fewer and fewer people buying more and more guns. I think most average Americans simply have no understanding of the mindset of the diminishing number of people who own firearms and who own them specifically to carry out on the street… that mindset is ‘danger lurks everywhere and you better have your gun to protect yourself.’
Fewer and fewer... more and more. In other words, much of the danger we experience from firearms comes not from any imagined "typical" gun owner purchasing guns while seeking to protect his or her family, but rather from a relatively small number of "gun nuts" who purchase, own and carry an ever increasing number of guns. The crazies now run the asylum.

It wasn't easy for Diaz to obtain this information. There are laws in place preventing, for example, the Centers for Disease Control from spending any money analyzing what many of us would unhesitatingly label an "epidemic" of gun violence. What they aren't allowed to know can and does hurt us.

Moyers's segment is under 15 minutes long; please take the time to watch it.

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