Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Enforce The Fourth Amendment Through NSA's Power, Water Supplies?

Norman Soloman at FDL says quite a few states are contemplating just that:
People Power!

Organizers have begun to push for action by state legislatures to impede the electric, water and other services that sustain the NSA’s secretive outposts.

Those efforts are farthest along in the state of Washington, where a new bill in the legislature — the Fourth Amendment Protection Act — is a statutory nightmare for the NSA. The agency has a listening post in Yakima, in the south-central part of the state.

The bill throws down a challenge to the NSA, seeking to block all state support for NSA activities violating the Fourth Amendment. For instance, that could mean a cutoff of electricity or water or other state-government services to the NSA site. And the measure also provides for withholding other forms of support, such as research and partnerships with state universities.

Ah, the good folks of the state of Washington; more power to them!

Congress will doubtless put an end to such bills, but they are a good way to send a defiant message: Americans really, really don't want their own government to spy on them, in bulk, without a warrant. And perhaps it is also a reminder to the NSA that their operation is more fragile than they may realize.

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