Wednesday, January 22, 2014

‘Winter Is I-Cumin In, Lhude Sing Goddamn!’

... ancient music, by Ezra Pound, who else.

Last year, Houston did not have even its usual hint of winter. This year, this early, tomorrow night in particular, we are forecast to have only a mild freeze, 29°F, but nonetheless a "wintry mix," with "rain, freezing rain and sleet likely" (all that is from NWS). By Saturday, things return to Houston-normal for the time of year, high-50°s F to low-40°s F. But between now and then we are planning to spend as much time as possible at home. (Stella, unfortunately, has to go to work.) You'd think that at least if we have to have a wintry mix we could enjoy a day of snow... but noooo; all the punishment of winter with none of the reward. Oh well. Probably next year this time we'll see mid-70°s F. Things are crazy, and I'm afraid the crazy has moved in for the duration...


  1. Well, you could be in Fairbanks, Alaska .... where the temperature is going to be in the low 30s or high 20s with rain and freezing rain forecast.

    Meanwhile, up around Rochester, New York they have single digits with major windchill, and snow.

    Basically, Houston and Fairbanks have a Rochester winter, while Rochester got Fairbanks's.

    1. Bryan, as I said, the crazy has moved in to stay. Even the first fact... Houston and Fairbanks with the same weather... is odd enough; Stella has spent time in Alaska and will particularly appreciate the strangeness. But Rochester? I've played one concert tour in upstate New York (actually Albany, Buffalo and St. Catharine's, Canada), and I would never have expected single digits this time of year! Passing strange!



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