Saturday, January 18, 2014

There's Nothing Tea Party, Christian Right Won't Do To Make Abortion Unavailable...

... as Janet Reitman at Rolling Stone tells us, unavailable no matter what the circumstances:
  • even in cases of rape or incest, the old traditional Republican exceptions. Today's self-righteous bastards engage in a collective shrugging of shoulders; they're sure a woman can't get pregnant from rape, and if she does, it must be God's will,
  • even in cases where the woman is medically liable to die if she doesn't have an abortion, no exception there, either.
... and they're happy to make the circumstances such that an abortion is unavailable:
  • even if paid for with private insurance,
  • even if the pregnancy is so recent that it's not yet reached the traditional medical viability age.
  • even if Roe v. Wade acknowledges a constitutional protection nationwide for a woman's right to choose abortion, even far exceeding the relatively reasonable restrictions Roe places on that right,
  • especially if the clinic or its doctors lack hospital admitting privileges,
  • especially if the wingnuts can manage to cause clinics within reasonable driving distances to close down,
  • especially if the Right-wing nutjobs can coerce or browbeat a woman into suffering a plethora of medically needless procedures (transvaginal ultrasounds, etc.)
You say your religion does not oppose abortion, and your insurance would pay for it? That doesn't matter to them, either. The efforts of the Tea Party and the radical religious Right are directed at only one thing: forcing every woman in America to comply with the Right's religious views, not the women's personal religious views... the wing-nuts, in the process, often invoking the First Amendment, which they say protects their "right" to impose their views on other women, even to the point of killing them!

As the battle for preservation of a woman's right to choose abortion (which the Right opposes even under the most dire medical circumstances) moves from the federal courts and Roe to the states and radical Republican-controlled legislatures, the task of pro-choice individuals changes from winning cases in the federal courtroom including the Supreme Court to winning control of the state legislatures in currently GOP-controlled states. In short, we must focus on the chambers of those legislatures and empty them of Republicans. It is highly preferable to accomplish this by election rather than by emptying a different kind of chamber, though the latter is in the style and tradition of the anti-abortion fanatics... I'm referring to their murders of abortion doctors.

I hope we are sane enough not to take it to that extreme even if the right-wing nutjobs take it there. But the incremental legislative removal of American women's rights must be brought to a halt... one way or another. Our goals should be threefold:
  • every pregnancy a healthy event for the mother,
  • every born child a wanted child,
  • every wanted child born as healthy as possible.
There's no reason to settle for less!

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