Monday, January 20, 2014

‘Though He Might Be More Humble, There's No Police Like Holmes’

A couple of sources attribute that quotation to E. W. Hornung, who was Conan Doyle's brother-in-law and creator of Raffles. Various other versions of the quote go at least back to the early-to-mid-1970s; Mother Google will tell you those.

Recently (perhaps 2011), noted Sherlockian and then-fledgling novelist Dan Andriacco titled his first novel No Police Like Holmes, which I have every good intention of finding and reading shortly. Also recently, I've read Graham Moore's book, The Sherlockian, another mystery novel centered on a murder in connection with a national meeting of the Baker Street Irregulars, a membership-by-invitation-only society of Sherlock Holmes scholars and other serious students.

As the subject quote apparently dates from Conan Doyle's lifetime, and as my own readings of Sherlockiana are at least broad if not deep, I think no one will object if I title my own sidebar entry of Sherlock-related items I've read "No Police Like H•lmes," the '•' to avoid search-engine confusion with Andriacco's doubtless fine work. With luck, this will provide me a place to vent material completely (well, mostly) unrelated to today's unbearable political situation. If it proves easier, or if readers are in the least interested in commenting, I'll probably create another blog. But for now I'll keep it simple... a list of recently read or in-progress Holmes-related works. Give me a day or two to get this going.


  1. It is always good to have multiple outlets, and the sled dog season starts shortly ;)

    1. Your blog will then go to the dogs, while mine will be going Holmes...

      Here's a simple exercise that I've wasted an evening trying to accomplish:

      In a Blogger blog, in an IFRAME,
      display a simple multiline text,
      preferably from a separate file,
      but wherever the text is,
      •  do not require the blogger to type it in hand-htmlencode'd, and
      •  do not force inclusion of all the blog's default page material
              (header, sidebar, etc.) around the desired text.

      Not so hard, eh? Blogger defeats me at every turn...

    2. Well, OK; I have a crude version in place. Worthwhile content may take another couple of days. Meanwhile, there's at least some Mongrel Doggerel...



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