Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pete Seeger (1919 — 2014)

I has a sad. :-( And yet... and yet... what a life he led!

Are you a young person who doesn't know about him? The wiki is a decent summary of his long and fruitful life. Believe me... you could do worse for a role model.


  1. A good man. I'm glad we had him as long as we did.

    1. He was as good as they come, ellroon. Some can't get past Seeger's youthful flirtation with communism, but as he matured, he came to a political viewpoint not far from my own... pro-worker, pro-union, antiwar, pro-environment, etc. As you say, I'm glad he was with us so long.

  2. He was playing colleges as late as last year, so don't think that the young people don't know about him. They do, at least the college kids do. There was nothing more inspiring than watching this creaky old man whose voice was gone walk up in front of the room with his banjo and lead the audience in song. And he did. They knew the words to the songs. And joined together, and created a choir of great beauty far greater than any one man alone. That, in the end, was his final message to the world -- that together, we can create more beauty than we can alone.

    1. That was beautiful, BadTux. Well said.



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