Friday, January 24, 2014

Weather Insanity

The temp in Houston, which was just barely freezing, just went down another degree F. The NWS extended the possibility of freezing precip from 9:00 A.M. to noon. Ice on roads is minimal now, but it isn't melting. Many overpasses, both freeways and city streets, are iced over. Houston ISD has closed all its schools, as have many other local school districts. METROlift isn't running. Many METRO buses are delayed. In short, most large institutions in Houston recognize we are simply not equipped to continue business-as-usual in this weather.

Stella's workplace refuses to shut down. It's in the Texas Medical Center. No, it's not a hospital or other medical treatment facility.

I admit this scares me. Stella and I just debated whether there's an overpass of any sort between here and there; I seem to remember one ground-level overpass. But it looks likely she will go in anyway. Keep your fingers crossed...

And it just dropped another degree F while I wrote this...

UPDATE 10:45 A.M. Stella is home. The one door at work that she is able to enter was blocked with yellow tape. She has since received a text that her boss, with whom she was to meet, was unable to come in because of frozen overpasses. I confess I'm very relieved she's home.


  1. It is in the 40s in Fairbanks and Whitehorse while snow and/or freezing rain is falling in and along the Gulf Coast. This is insane.

    I just read a report that said that few of the cities that have hosted the Winter Olympics will be able to do it against by 2050 because they will be too warm.

    I'm glad Stella is out of it. The HPD will spend their day writing accident reports or being in accidents.

    1. Bryan, it's 2:00 P.M. here, and still only 32°F. WTF? Houstonians didn't sign up for this! Overnight freezes are one thing, but it's supposed to go up into the 60s during the day, not stay flat near the freezing mark. Yes, I've seen pics on TV of some of the overpasses, and almost as bad, some of the freeway exits... you absolutely don't want to be driving here today if you can possibly avoid it!

      Stella is exasperated at being forced back home. Yesterday she received a "superior" job review, and I think she wanted to live up to it by showing up under impossible circumstances. But if she couldn't enter the door from the parking garage, she would have had to go around to the front of the building to a grand flight of stairs, sure to be unsafe for anyone walking with a cane, and I'm glad she sensibly came back home, even if she's cranky about doing so.



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