Sunday, January 5, 2014

♫ Soon It's Gonna Freeze... I Can't Feel It... ♫

NOT one of ours,
not this time...
It's only 64°F right now, but we're headed for what passes for a "hard freeze" in Houston tonight... 26°F. Considering that in Burlington, VT it is forecast to hit only 31°F tonight, I do feel entitled to complain. No one told me it ever froze in H‑town...

Both cars are already winterized, but one would be a damned fool to drive in Houston in raining, freezing, slushy weather, because none of the drivers who have lived here for any period of time remembers how to drive on ice. We're staying home!


  1. It was -25F Friday night, now it's +25F. Not the biggest or fastest temp swing we've ever had, but still enough to give one whiplash.

    1. That's a wide swing, NTodd, for a relatively short time. I used to consider relocating to Vermont for the politics, encouraged by my thesis advisor in music grad school who is a native Vermonter and always missed it, but I knew I couldn't survive the weather there. Of course, as Houston has more and more days in summer of 100°F/100% humidity, and that's actual temp, not heat index, I don't exactly thrive in the town of my birth...

  2. Piffle, we've had 80 degree swings in less than 36 hours. People freeze, then shatter. It's quite a mess.

    1. Too many people die of heat here in summer, ntodd. They run out of money to pay for A/C, or their A/C breaks and the landlord doesn't fix it, and either they have no kids or no one else thinks to check in on them. Fans may help for a while, especially old-fashioned attic fans (very rare now) or window draw-fans with large blades (almost as rare), but sooner or later, unless old people are exceptionally healthy to start with, some of them die in the heat. Yes, attempts are made to prevent this, but as with so many significant things, there's no profit in it. So it happens anyway, as if it were 1850 and there were no electricity.

      Tonight, it's not even freezing yet, but I'm ready to throw on a jacket...



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