Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cookbook Quote Of The Week

From 200 Fast & Easy Artisan Breads: No-Knead, One Bowl, p. 166:
The dough should feel soft and smooth all over, like a baby's skin, but not at all sticky.
Right. Pick one and call me back.


  1. We can forget sticky-buns...mmmmm

  2. If you knead it properly, it will happen. May I take it that you're new to bread-baking? Oops! I take that back. Let me go look at the recipe. Hmmmmmm . . . check here:

    I used to bake bread the old-fashioned way when I was married. I loved taking my frustrations on the dough.


  3. Kay - About 2 months ago a friend gave me her bread machine on semipermanent loan. For a few weeks, I was "baking" about two loaves a week, working my way through a variety of recipes.

    Later I asked our landlord to replace our defunct stove with a gas stove, and resumed baking "real" bread, starting from some recipes by Paul Hollywood, a master baker (pronounce it carefully!) in London.

    The Artisan Bread cookbook was a Christmas present from Stella, and I'm just beginning to read it. These recipes tend to replace kneading with beating (wooden spoon or dough whisk, or, someone told me, dough hook in a mixer), and they're very large by design to allow preparing dough for, say, four loaves at once, refrigerating whatever you don't use immediately. I probably won't do that, as Stella is not a "bread person," and I can eat only so much.



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