Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our Republ[ic]an President

He really sounds like a member of that other party. He proposes to act like a member of that other party. He's going to fuck the nation like a Republan.

I give up; I'm tired of the bullshit. For a decent liveblog of the speech, read David Dayen of FDL. And try not to slit your wrists tonight.

UPDATE: read Krugman. Then imagine my face with that cat's expression on it.


  1. Thank you. While I heard a few things that made sense, something nagged at me and I can't quite figure out what it is. There was no mention of the elder Americans and the disabled on Social Security. Maybe he's gonna put us all on icebergs in Alaska and let Sarah use us for target practice.

  2. Kay, Obama's few good ideas were nothing new. And his intent to institute a five-year freeze on non-defense discretionary spending, when the nation is in the teeth of a recession, tells me that he has bought into the GOP myth, lock, stock and barrel. Hoover redux, here we come. Expect years of abject poverty (for us, not for the elite), years of high unemployment (for us, not for the elite), and almost as intolerable, years of preaching of economic austerity. You only think you have freedom of religion in the U.S.: your new religion, like it or not, is worship of deficit reduction.



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