Saturday, January 15, 2011

PATRIOT Act Likely To Be Renewed... Again

So much for the "sunset" provisions that made it possible for the Bushies to sell the original act. Lately it's been renewed year-to-year, on the basis that "it's only for a year." So far, it has been "only" more than nine years. Crooks and Liars has details. And yes, the FBI (at least) continues to abuse the act's warrantless surveillance provisions to peer into individuals' personal records.

This was completely predictable from the day the bill was introduced in Congress in 2001; indeed, I predicted exactly this on that very day... much good it did me.


  1. Like it's really helped deter the idiots.

  2. Kay, the PATRIOT Act never deterred anything, nor was it intended to. It was meant to do exactly what it does: allow our government to stick its nose in our business to no good purpose. I detest the damned thing, even if it appears mostly not to affect me (though who knows, really).



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