Monday, January 10, 2011

Doc Day

Monday was a doctor's appointment day for me, followed by a marathon grocery run. No bad news from the doctor, so I suppose it wasn't a totally wasted day. Forgive me for not piling on by putting up a blog post.


  1. No problem -- just glad the doc didn't have any bad news -- and a full fridge is never a bad thing.
    Tomorrow you can blog your heart out!

  2. Friday I saw my oncologist to review my PET scan and blood work. The PET scan was clear (an enormous relief), but my liver panel was abnormal by a serious degree. This is probably due to the toxic levels of Xanax I was consuming. So I had to have another blood draw on Friday and am waiting to hear the results. This is cause for concern, but not alarm.

    Hope all is healthy and well with you.

  3. Nurse-practioneer from my oncologist's office just called a little while ago...the newest liver panel is fine...all the results are back to normal. Damn, I am one lucky SOB. Someone is looking out for me.

  4. CG - EXCELLENT news! Glad to hear it.

    There's hardly any news here. My ankle is slightly straighter (one can actually see it as being aligned with the leg now) and somewhat more structurally sound (I can feel that). The Charcot foot (turned under, toward the inside) will probably never heal, say at least two doc's, but with appropriate equipment (a walker and an immense orthotic boot) I can walk on it. I can even stand up on it for long enough to cook a meal or bake a loaf of bread. I suppose someone is looking out for me as well!

    Again, congrats on the good news!

  5. Kay - thanks. You are certainly right about the full fridge. As Stella's work has grown more demanding... she frequently works until 7pm or 8pm... much of the food shopping and dealing with dishes has devolved on me. (She still does her share of the cooking, and deals with the garbage, which used to be my chore.) We were running low on a number of things; in fact, I'll probably have to do a second run late in the week. As you probably know from direct experience, those ride-carts in grocery stores have a smaller-than-standard basket, and my folded-up walker takes up some of that space, so sometimes it takes multiple trips to the store.

  6. Thank you and may you continue to heal and recover...perhaps over time things will get better, but you're still one helluva a trooper for battling this ailment. Your progress has been amazing. I have faith in you.



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