Monday, January 31, 2011

Frosh Republ[]an Gets Early Start On Ethics Violations

It's what they do best: lie, cheat and steal. In this case, the apparent culprit is Rep. David Rivera (R-Fl) ... whose campaign financial disclosure seems to be questionable.  From the Miami Herald:


At the heart of the probe is Millennium Marketing, a company owned by Rivera's mother and godmother that received $510,000 from the Flagler Dog Track as part of a deal for Rivera to lead a pro-slots political campaign on behalf of the parimutuel.

Rivera, who had long denied receiving any money from the dog track, earlier this month admitted to receiving $132,000 in undisclosed loans from Millennium -- loans Rivera says he has since repaid.

Also under investigators' microscope: Rivera's campaign expenses, including $30,000 he paid to Millennium for consulting in 2006, and $75,000 he paid last year to a now-defunct consulting company owned by the daughter of a longtime aide. Rivera has denied any wrongdoing.

The Associated Press reported Friday that Rivera paid himself nearly $60,000 in unexplained campaign reimbursements over the eight years he served in the state Legislature.

So what's the best headline? "Campaign financing goes to the dogs," or perhaps "Keeping it all in the family"? This is so blatant that even the GOP pretends to take offense, with Boehner making the excuse that "These were activities that took place before [Rivera] was elected." Yeah, sure, that makes it all OK.

Someone in the FDL comment thread remarked that the purpose of Florida Republ[]ans is to make Texas Republ[]ans look honest. Perhaps that's going too far, but I appreciated the thought.


  1. As noted, Rivera was elected, as a Republican to the Florida legislature, and the charges were made before his election to the House. This was out in the open before they swore him in as a Congresscritter.

    His finances have been sleazy for years, but the Florida Republicans did nothing about it, and they control the state.

    No Democrats were involved in this, in any way. The Republican Party of Florida is a cess pit, and Rivera is just the latest problem to float to the top.

    Marco Rubio has to explain some of his financial transactions with a RPOF credit card, as part of the broader investigation into party finances.

  2. And we all know that nepotism begins at home.

  3. Kay,

    "And we all know that nepotism begins at home."

    ... as do pederasty, money laundering and other favorite Republan activities.

  4. Bryan, I'm always astonished that any state comes anywhere near the degree of Republan skulduggery that Texas exhibits. But I do believe your Florida GOPers are a match for ours any day.



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