Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Virginia Is For (Kid) Lovers

It's even on their license plates... or was, until the Virginia DMV revoked it, saying it referred to oral sex:

(Blatantly stolen from TPM.)


  1. That was my first thought, CG, until I read the article. And I have to wonder about the bastards who thought first of oral sex with kids... what sick fucks they must be. Obviously, in our time, cannibalism is so much more acceptable...

  2. Afterthought: perhaps if the plate had read BEATTHE, the DMV would have found it acceptable.

  3. I was afraid that oral sex would be the kneejerk reaction to vanity plate. I guess I'm sicker than others by assuming it was a reference to cannibalism. Oh well...

  4. CG, as I noted, my first reaction was the same as yours... cannibalism... until I read the associated article. Prior to reading, oral sex never occurred to me. Who knows what goes on in the minds of VA state officials!

  5. Those people are perverts -- either way, it's pretty twisted.

  6. I see there are no fans of Jonathan Swift here, as this could be a reference to his A Modest Proposal, or a reaction to austerity budgets that often start with eliminating programs for children, or programs pushed to "protect children".

    That the Virginia DMV is a bunch of perverts is not even open to question.



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