Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Memorial Service And Right-Wing Whines

I just watched most of the memorial service for the six people killed in Tucson. Everything was appropriate and predictable. But the Right had to have something to complain about, and they found it in the T-shirts distributed to the attendees by the university. The shirt bore the caption, "Together We Thrive: Tucson & America." If there's anything offensive to any American in that caption, I can't see it.

But I forgot something. Remember that the Right has determined to spoil every single thing in which Obama participates. If their action also spoils a memorial service for six people, that's nothing to the righties. The shirt contains nothing even remotely offensive, but they had to find something to fault in an event at which Obama spoke, and the T-shirts were about the only available target... anything else would have marked them... rightly... as unfeeling and insensitive for the world to see.

Ignore the sorry SOBs. They do not deserve a response.

AFTERTHOUGHT: I couldn't help thinking of Paul Wellstone's funeral, and the sorry bastard who was governor of Minnesota at the time who willfully appointed a replacement who was not a Democrat, because he didn't like the allegedly partisan tone of speakers at the funeral, never mind that Wellstone was to me the signature Democrat of our time. Since then, I have come to expect not one shred of fairness or kindness from a Republican in power or a right-wing pundit. It looks as if they have fulfilled my worst expectations tonight.

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