Saturday, April 24, 2010

Chinese Food... It's What's For Disaster*

ellroon undertakes the prodigious task of listing every toxic disaster China has shipped us in the past few years. The list is interminable... and it's increasingly clear the Chinese government doesn't care. Indeed, they seem ready to place restrictions on food imported from America in retaliation for American restrictions on Chinese food products and other products already demonstrated to be toxic to humans.

How far can they go before we stop importing and eating their dangerous foods, playing with their lead-painted toys, etc.? I don't know, but I am certain they will not stop until we make it unprofitable to slip poisons into the foods they supply us. I have cut back almost entirely on my consumption of Chinese food... canned or takeout or anything that likely was imported from China... and I recommend you do the same thing, for the sake of your health and survival... and that of your children. There is too great a pattern here for any of us to risk ignoring it.

(*And you thought beef was bad...)

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the linkage, Steve. The problem is the secondary usage of Chinese food products is harder to track. Mixes that have used Chinese flour, or protein drinks that used Chinese soy, etc. Restaurants will order from the cheapest provider.

    And now we're contemplating allowing GM foods without tags....

    Makes me want to stop eating.

    (Captcha is vedgeste... sounds like a vitamin product...)



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