Friday, April 23, 2010

Moyers Interviews FCC Commissioner Michael J. Copps On Net Neutrality


Bill Moyers just gets better as he approaches the end of his on-air career.

And we should all be grateful that we have Michael J. Copps as FCC Commissioner: without him, we could well find the internet owned and effectively controlled by the telecom's.

Don't expect AT&T, Comcast etc. to look out for anything other than their profits... and if they succeed in stifling our wide-open network with their "tollbooths" and their ability to control what content gets what bandwidth, you can forget about this wonderful platform on which we all communicate.

And America will be alone in the world in allowing these restrictions for pure corporate profit; I've seen our internet services ranked 27th in the world. Do you want to watch the American economy throttled, not just within your lifetime but in the next few years?

Please watch Copps and Moyers, and advise Obama that you want him to instruct the FCC to reclassify the internet as "communications" (which it was since the beginning until George W. Bush) instead of "information services" (Bush's little stick-in-your-ear that removes the FCC from its regulatory role over the 'net). The comfort of your children's golden years may depend on it.

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