Friday, April 23, 2010

Greenwald's Assessment Of The Beltway Crowd

Wow. Does Greenwald nail it or what?
... Beltway denizens play various assigned roles -- this one reads from the Journalist script, that one poses as a legislator, this one's a Democrat and that one's a Republican, the one over there is a regulator, this one is a lobbyist, etc. -- but they all feed from the same trough, and their sole allegiance is to their decadent, insular, endlessly nepotistic, and deservedly dying pseudo-aristocratic culture, and to one another.  ...
Is journalism alive? is it independent of those it reports on? can we trust anyone to tell us the straight story on anything, when the media has that kind of relationship with the government officials on whom it allegedly reports?

Personally, I have to answer those questions "No, no and no." We live in parlous times, and the media is no help.

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