Friday, April 16, 2010

GOP Plans Own Demise: Prepares To Filibuster Financial Reform

Heh. For Republicans, in an election year, this is nuts. If only Senate Dems don't screw this up...


  1. nuts is right, but it could well work to their advantage. in my occasional tours of rightwing sites i see people worried that obama wants the guvmint to take over all the banks like they did with health care.

  2. hipparchia, IMHO, the whole "Party of No" posture has a limited lifespan, or else the GOP does, one or the other.

    I can understand successful fearmongering on behalf of antiterror efforts, successful spreading of FUD on healthcare... but I just can't imagine the wider public's ever being persuaded that Wall Street is their friend, or an entity that needs still more government largess after all their malfeasance and the subsequent bailouts. Americans seem to love their white-collar criminals, but I think even Americans aren't that broadminded.



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