Friday, April 16, 2010

Yet Another Reason...

... to avoid dealing with Apple if at all possible:

Apple App Store Bans Pulitzer-Winning Satirist for Satire
By Ryan Singel ... April 15, 2010  | 7:07 pm  | Categories: Media

Editorial cartoonist Mark Fiore may be good enough to win this year’s Pulitzer Prize, but he’s evidently too biting to get past the auditors who run Apple’s iPhone app store, who ruled that lampooning public figures violated its terms of service.

Fiore irked Apple’s censorious staffers with his cartoons making fun of the Balloon Boy hoax and the pair that famously crashed a White House party, according to Laura McGann at the Neiman Journalism Lab.

So they can't take Fiore, the funniest political animator out there. Their new company slogan must be, "Apple... No Damn Sense of Humor."



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