Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Goat Blogging

The people and goats of Polymeadows Farm:

If you live in Vermont, or at least in the Northeast, check out their products. You say you don't like goat's milk? Think again. Treat yourself to one of their maple smoothies... mmm! Ken and Anne (see post upstream) were kind enough to have some of the yogurt and a couple of smoothies shipped to me refrigerated (it's not yet regularly available in Texas), and I'm ready to move to Vermont (yes, winters and all) just for proximity to this wonderful dairy farm!

(Photo "borrowed" from Anji Johnston, to whom thanks... hey, it's free advertising. Click picture to enlarge. See web site for more info. And please, please, readers, treat yourselves to some of that Polymeadows Farm yogurt!)


  1. There's a goat farm that sells milk at my local farmers market, in Sunset Valley (south Austin). They make a very tasty chocolate milk that I always buy to take home, and wind up guzzling in the car.

    There's also a big goat farm near Brenham, Texas that makes the BEST goat ice cream. Happily, I can buy their ice cream at Central Market and Whole Foods.

    All hail goat farms!

  2. All hail!!

    Thank you Steve. Glad you enjoyed our yogurt. Thank yo for the free advertzing.
    Anji's photos are great, and so is Anji.

    Jennifer (Polymeadows Farm)

  3. i love love love goat milk yogurt, and cheese made from goat milk, and a nice talk cold glass of goat milk and a plateful of gingersnap cookies, and ...



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