Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Last Laugh

This sign must have been in place since before the days of the internet:


  1. It could have been worse I suppose, it could have said lmao, but I am not sure how that would represent a drowing figure

  2. jams - now there's a project for you: how many common 'net abbreviations and acronyms can be rendered as warning or hazard signs? I mean, I know the two members of a musical group called "Gusty Winds May Exist," which is also the text of a famous sign in a road out in the American West, but... warning signs? I can't construct one off the top of my head.

  3. The "Gusty Winds" signs are used throughout California on roads through mountain passes, and they aren't kidding.

    My first take on that sign was "approximately 101?", then the "LOL", but it took a while to figure out that the "approximately" was water, and the "101" was supposed to be a head bracketed by upraised arms.

    [BTW - if you can raise both hands above your head in the water like that, you should be able to make it to shore.]

  4. Bryan - heh. I want a T-shirt with "Gusty Winds May Exist" on the back... near the bottom. :-)



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