Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Quick Note - Sierra Club

I finally rejoined Sierra Club after several years away. Why? Well, they made me a really good offer, and threw a rucksack into the deal. Seriously, I've found myself reading their web publications more often as the environment goes to hell in a handbasket, and I know enough of the locals to know they are really quite good at both the field activities and legal actions an urban Sierra Club group must undertake.

Accordingly,  I've added SC president Carl Pope's blog to the blogroll. Regrettably it has no RSS feed, but it's worth a look anyway. I may as well make use of the online aspects of membership, as it is unlikely I could sit through a traditional meeting if my life depended on it.

Actually, I suppose all our lives depend on environmental activism now; Dog help us all. Sierra Club is letting people join for next-to-nothing now, so little, in fact, that even I can afford it... I'm afraid that's a sign of something very disturbing. Help them out if you can.

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