Tuesday, June 22, 2010

DNS Slow, Blogger Fucked - I'm Going To Bed Early

At present, my domain name service takes nearly a full minute to look up www.google.com, with other lookups comparably slower. Yes, in answer to the typical first question from the AT&T Indo-Pak help guy's script, I've taken the whole connection down, rebooted the computer and reconnected, all in the proper order... twice. (I wish there were a way to poke those guys with a stick when they begin that script. This time I simply omitted calling altogether.)

As if that were not enough, Google is making changes to Blogger that are passing strange. On three separate posts, I clicked the link to the specific post, and found myself at the bottom of the page. I looked at the link behind "Link to this Post" and sure enough, there it was: a link to the #links anchor. Why? Ya got me; it makes no sense at all.

So I'm giving up for the night. By morning, it'll all be working properly, right?


Don't let that stop you from reading the post below about the judge's ruling against Obama's moratorium. As chaotic and incremental as the post is, it contains something you need to know.

UPDATE: I must be tired to have clicked the "Links" link instead of the link to the post. Oh well. Unfortunately, the DNS really is count-on-your-fingers slow tonight. I'm going to bed anyway!

UPDATE: Next morning, everything's fine, including domain name service. So it (the DNS) was out, or at least very slow, for about 12-16 hours. It does make one think about the alternatives to land line DSL; there seem to be more of 'em every week.

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