Saturday, June 12, 2010

"We're All Fucked. I'm Fucked. You're Fucked. ..."

"... The whole [thing] is fucked. It’s the biggest cock-up ever. We’re all completely fucked." So said Sir Richard Mottram regarding the BP spill. Mottram is quoted by bmaz of Firedoglake, who sets about listing the facts necessary to prove Mottram's assertion. If you are American, it won't surprise you to learn that your government and BP are handing you massive lies about every technological aspect of the well failure. Also not surprising: BP's use of substandard components in the well in most places in which better materials would have made a difference in preventing the chaos.

I read somewhere (Mustang Bobby's blog?) that some Brits are convinced that Americans are merely exercising their anti-British prejudice in voicing their anger toward BP. What utter and total crap. We're exercising our right to petition for a redress of one very, very large grievance. And the grievance is not being addressed in any satisfactory way. That it is a British corporation involved has nothing to do with it: any corp that behaves as BP is behaving should be banned from doing business in the United States. And I would be just as vocal in condemning it if it were chartered in Antarctica.

(H/T ellroon.)


  1. I agree wholeheartedly. Their behaviour should have them double plus fucked!

  2. They don't realize the ecological disaster? They need to get their heads straightened out!



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