Wednesday, June 16, 2010

'The Dutch... And The Norwegians... They Are Known For Dykes...'

So says Sarah Palin, proposing international assistance in response to Bill O'Reilly's question regarding just how Obama, against whom Sarah is ranting, is supposed to stop the BP leak.

I have worked with Dutch dykes several times, and some of them are truly superb musicians. Exactly what that... or Dutch expertise with the other kind of dyke... has to do with capping a blown oil well under thousands of feet of water is quite beyond me. Tell us, Sarah; clearly you know, and you have such a way with words...


  1. I thought the Teabaggery crowd hated those Urpeen socialists and their commie nazi ways...

  2. Err? What on earth is she on about?

  3. The Norwegians demand that oil companies drill a relief well at the same time you drill a regular well, as do the Canadians.

    I'm not clear as to what the purpose of a dijk, dyke in English, would be around a well under a mile of water.

    Now, Louisiana is throwing up berms, which are a form of dyke, to prevent wetland infiltration, after yelling about doing it for several weeks. That was even harder to get done because in addition to the "Unified Command" the Corps of Engineers was involved.

    They use containment berms around pipeline pumping stations in Alaska, and parallel to some of the pipeline to contain possible spills, so her husband would be familiar with that use, but they are definitely called berms.

  4. BP technology... kills berms on contact?

    I had always used the spelling "dike" for the Netherlandish "dijk" until you, Bryan, pointed out that either spelling may properly be used in English. When Sarah Palin let loose with her "... they are known for dykes..." statement, I couldn't resist.

    And I'm not kidding: I have, in fact, worked with Dutch dykes, and they have in fact been fine musicians. :-)



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