Monday, June 28, 2010

Senator Robert Byrd (1917-2010) On The Eve Of The Iraq War

The lamentably late Senator Robert Byrd speaks out against the needless, preemptive, invasive, aggressive war the United States entered in 2003 and still pointlessly and destructively pursues today:

Byrd was unquestionably the greatest orator of our time in the US Senate. Watch his persuasive condemnation at the beginning of the pointless war that may yet destroy our nation, and see whether you are not moved to tears.

Byrd was not a perfect public official. It seems unlikely that someone who accumulated that much power over a political career could resist the temptation to apply that power in behalf of enriching his friends (and his state). But the good in him unquestionably outweighed the bad. His knowledge of and devotion to the principles of the US Constitution were unequaled and irreplaceable. What we have lost in Byrd is hard to estimate at this point, but as time passes and votes in the Senate transpire, that loss will be revealed, event by event, to our great sadness. R.I.P., Robert Byrd.


  1. He was indeed, a magnificent SOB of the old school.

  2. He was indeed that, mandt. But SOB-ness aside, one cannot deny he served long and well, and at least some of his power went to good causes. He was a creature of his generation, and his long life and consequent great power made me glad that he was at least reasonably frequently on my side.



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