Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Prepaid Cell Phones To Be Outlawed?

See what Bob Barr has to say. The effort is being made by Republicans and Democrats in Congress.

Apparently, our entire government, or at least the two major parties, intend to deprive us of all means of private communication, allegedly to provide protection against terrorism. How likely is that to work? I believe even typically honest and crime-ignorant people like me could obtain enough fake ID to buy such a phone in a name other than my own. Do you think real terrorists would have to hesitate even a moment?


  1. Laws only affect the people who obey laws. By definition criminals don't obey laws, so it will have zero impact on terrorists or drug dealers, but a major impact on the cost of pre-paid telephones.

  2. Recently I went through a very high security check at a major air-hub.Even though I am 64, white haired, dressed in a suit, have bad eyesight and am lame in one leg; they were able to see the outlines of an old tattoo comprising of a one fingered salute and the words, "Question Authority." One of the Latina security cops gave me a wink.

  3. That'sreally going to stop them...



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