Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Obama On Gitmo North: Forward, No Matter What

Time's Pentagon Correspondent Mark Thompson:
The Obama Administration is seeking to move the 181 detainees still at Gitmo to a state prison in Thomson, Illinois. That would clear the way to shut the Cuban detainee center, a key Obama pledge. But the House voted 282-131 on Friday against using funds in the 2011 Pentagon budget for that purpose....

The Senate is likely to follow suit,  ...

But the Obama Administration is undeterred.  ... "I think the law prevents the Department of Defense from, but not the Department of Justice from, purchasing such a facility," notes White House spokesman Robert Gibbs.

No matter if it's DoD or DoJ, a massive civil liberties violation and a violation of the laws of war are not things the U.S. should continue. Repatriate the detainees and close the damned place. Do not reconstitute Gitmo here at home.

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