Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Hot Cat Blogging

We think Esther may have gone into heat tonight, with her frequent meowing, rubbing against things, approaching within a couple of feet of me (!!), exploring in places that once held other kitties, etc., all brand-new behavior. We are being exceedingly careful how we open doors. The catlock (see upstream) is now the mandatory means of human entry/exit. And she's probably going to the vet tomorrow, if the vet we like will come in to do the deed.


  1. jams, obviously some tomcat thought so! ;-)

  2. Catherine FairchildJune 4, 2010 at 10:59 AM

    Are you sure she isn't part Egyptian Mau? In this photo, she seems to have spots, like my cat Lotus.

  3. Her body shape as well as her pattern argue for something other than a standard shorthair mackerel tabbie.

    Yep, she's looking for love.

    The op is really tricky when they are in heat, so most vets won't do it.

  4. Bryan, Catherine...

    Bryan, the operation is said to be delayed until the heat is over. We may have to board her at the vet for a week or so; it's a good vet whom we trust to make that decision. I have to admit Esther was getting pretty noisy by this morning, and I won't be sorry to be able to leave doors open for the sake of my own mobility!

    Catherine, she DOES look a bit like Lotus, and Esther's "stripes" do resemble the stripes/spots your Egyptian Mau displays. In "person," Esther looks even more like a young Mau, though the head shape is a bit different.



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