Tuesday, June 15, 2010

How Much Anti-Gay Hatred Is Enough?

Apparently, no amount of raw bigotry is enough to satisfy the Prop. H8 folks:

(06-15) 17:47 PDT SAN FRANCISCO -- As the trial over California's prohibition on same-sex marriage enters its final stage Wednesday, the ban's sponsors are urging the judge to go a step further and revoke state recognition of the marriages of 18,000 gay and lesbian couples who wed before voters passed Proposition 8.

Such an order would honor "the expressed will of the people," backers of the November 2008 ballot measure said Tuesday in their final written filing before Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker.
Such is the nature of our nation today: legally enforced discrimination against people different from oneself is somehow a sacred right of the hate-mongers. When did hatred become a virtue?


  1. I've wondered why the Mormons went all in on this proposition. Is it their past history of polygamy and their excommunication of gays? Their obsession with producing quantities of babies? Their attempt to show the world they are not weirdos?

    Even though their church spent millions supporting the proposition, they've cemented their profile as sanctimonious busybody creeps.

    I can't imagine doing something so cruel.

  2. ellroon, my favorite Mormon (not to be confused with My Favorite Martian, though both groups seem pretty distant from this world) was a high school buddy, one of the most talented performers of operetta and musical comedy (esp. G&S) that I've ever known. I'd also bet a dollar that he is gay, though I am no longer in touch with him and probably cannot find out. Among Mormons, what happens to their own artistically talented, possibly gay members?

    Once, on tour with my high school choir, I sang in the Mormon Tabernacle. It was a bit scary. I've seldom met people who took themselves so seriously. Clearly they take their deep-seated prejudices seriously as well. Like Catholics in that one respect, Mormons have no hesitation about imposing their bigotries on the rest of us. This is America, damn it; one is not supposed to act that way, no matter how devout one may be.

  3. Amen.

    (And I've made a post about your hurricane experience...)



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