Wednesday, June 2, 2010

There's Nothing As Stupid As A GOPer

Rachel Slajda of TPM informs us about a Republican trick, and the Democratic response that defeated it:

Last month, we told you how Republicans very nearly killed the COMPETES Act by slipping an anti-porn measure into a motion to send the bill back to committee. The move scared several Democrats into voting for the Republican motion, which would have also cut much of the bill's funding, and leadership pulled the bill off the floor.
The bill passed the House last week. Democrats pulled it off by splitting the Republicans' motion to recommit into parts, allowing members to vote for the anti-porn measure while voting against language that would have cut tens of millions of dollars from the bill.
Put aside for a moment the level of unmitigated, deep-seated stupidity the GOP evidenced by introducing the motion to recommit with the trick embedded in it, without realizing how straightforwardly their ruse could be defeated. Think instead about the more substantive question: why do Republicans hate scientific research so much in the first place? Why don't they believe it should be funded? How dumb is dumb?

1 comment:

  1. Now that is just plain stupid. Are the GOPers the Know absolutely nothings?

    btw word verificaion is sperms!



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