Saturday, June 26, 2010

Need Ubuntu Linux Advice

... and cannot find it on the web site or any of the forums. Ubuntu Linux 10.04 Desktop; a third-party product called Simple Backup Suite 0.10.5ubuntu2.

Problem: Product went south after Linux version change 9.x-10.x. Continued backing up to local directories, filling my HD to within 1.0 GB of full. I decided to uninstall the backup s/w, and chose the "complete" uninstall, which wasn't: it didn't remove the backup files themselves. They're all under root-root ownership; I'm an Administrative user but that didn't help me delete them. Tried the famous "sudo" command; that didn't work. Weird internal format file that the filesystem doesn't even recognize. I need my HD back. I posted my woes on the SourceForge forum for the product, but my problem may be simpler than that, a simple misunderstanding on my part of user privilege in Ubuntu Linux. Any suggestions, folks?

(That's what I get for trusting a free product written in an event called the Google Summer of Code.)

(There goes Blogger, tinkering with the way its basic formatting works again...)

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  1. "sudo" gives you the power, but you do know that you need to use rm not rmdir to clean out the directory before it can be deleted.

    "X" operating systems require that directories be empty before they can be removed.

    There's a switch on rm that does the whole thing at one go, but they make it difficult to just wipe out directories.

    Badtux deals with this more than I do, so hopefully he'll drop by.



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