Monday, June 21, 2010


I awoke in the small hours of last night with a sharp pain mostly in a single point on the top of my left shoulder-blade, a sort of "cold" in the shoulder. It is difficult for me to type; worse, it is difficult for me to move to and from the computer. (Ever try propelling a standard wheelchair when your shoulder hurts?) A bit of aspirin and a little time have improved matters (even kitten Lily has offered sympathy and seems to understand not to afflict me with her usual rough play today), and I have every expectation of being able to blog more easily by sometime later today. But for the moment, it's really uncomfortable. Thanks for your patience; check back later.


  1. Ow, Steve. Have you tried those popcorn or rice microwaveable cloth bags for warming a sore spot? Maybe even an old sock could be used. They are very comforting.

  2. ellroon -

    Upon the Summer Solstice,
    I didn't need a polstice.

    This particular ache was unlike others I've experienced, and I think it was not my usual neuropathy. It went away very, very gradually, and is mostly gone this morning. The oddity was that it was so localized: the pain emanated from a single point. The person who suffered the most was Stella, whom I woke with my moaning and kept awake with my complaining. For me, it was just pain, and pain is daily fare for me these days.

    [CAPTCHA text: "abuseit". OK, I will...]

  3. Very gentle cyber hugs for your daily aches and pains. No fun.



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