Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We're Having Weather

A wind-and-rain storm came through this morning, about an hour ago. Since that time, the temperature feels as if it has dropped about a °F every couple of minutes. Tonight it's supposed to plummet into the lower 20s°F, not quite unheard-of here, but relatively rare. I cannot tell you the temp for certain, but my disabilities provide me with a built-in barometer which has been aching all night, to the point that it interfered with my sleep.

I'm supposed to do a couple of things out of the house this morning... pick up prescriptions, stop by the doc's office. I hope it's not already too late: the weather isn't supposed to get any better this week, and Thursday night it's supposed to snow. Yes, you read that right.

This is not the weather I live in Houston for!


  1. Why is it I always feel like I should apologize for Southern California weather?....

  2. ellroon, I may crab and gripe about Houston's weather, but I wouldn't have it any other way. It rains a lot... but not too much like, say, Seattle. It's warm most of the year... but there's at least a season that resembles winter. It seldom snows, maybe once every few years... but I'd feel cheated if it never snowed.

    And you wouldn't believe what this weather does for the kitties, especially the young 'un. Even with adequate heat indoors, Lily is literally bouncing off walls... and video shelves, and the food bowl, and Esther, and the poor old dining chairs, etc. Furry critters deserve a turn of their kind of weather, too.



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