Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Brown-Out Apparently Local

What can I say... Reliant Energy told us all to reduce our power usage mere days ago. This brown-out appears to have been local to our neighborhood... neighbor and regular commenter Barbara said she experienced it too. Our fine local birdcage liner didn't mention it, so it must not have been widespread. Broadcast TV (we don't have cable) was flinging its usual morning poo. (Hmm... spell-checker objects to "poo"; I wonder if I accidentally left it set to UK English.) I spent a mildly uncomfortable hour or so in front of a tiny table fan by my chair; it was running between ⅓ and ½ speed.

Lindsay Lohan Asks Chris Brown Out
Esther reacted in an interesting way. After the air conditioning faded and the room grew warm, she tried (in vain) to get out the back door. I've often said that these two kitties are very sweet but not too bright...
Oh... the pics? These were among Google Images for "brown-out"; what did you expect?

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