Thursday, August 30, 2012

Paul Ryan's Speech: In The Words Of Paul Simon, 'Lie-Lie-Lie, Lie-Lie-Lie-Lie, Lie-Lie-Lie...'

The speech was too disgusting to repeat anything, but it was raw meat for the Thug base. Brian Beutler of TPM emphasizes five lies... out-and-out lies, not mere distortions... but I believe there were many more. With what the GOP is spending, this guy could become vice president.

AFTERTHOUGHT: Ryan even blamed Obama for the closing of a Wisconsin auto plant in 2008... a plant that closed before Obama took office. Truth doesn't matter. Fair competition in the marketplace of ideas doesn't matter. Only winning... by any means... matters to bastards like Ryan.

Disgusting, repulsive, thoroughly... Republican. I am going to bed.

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