Sunday, August 26, 2012

Foot News

The temporary antibiotic my doc prescribed is having some effect on the foot; I can now get my boot on and off without the obstacle of extreme swelling. There may... or may not... be some small sign of healing of the main wound; it's really too soon to tell. And while it isn't excruciating, the pain is surely annoying, and relentless. As usual, I declined my doc's offer of hardcore painkillers; I'm always afraid I'd get hooked on those things. Aspirin and ibuprofen... carefully timed to avoid simultaneity with the antibiotic... will do me for now.

I'm in no condition to post serious stuff today. Please forgive me.


  1. Good news! And, that's serious stuff!

  2. This is very good news!
    Please take good care of yourself and do not worry about posting!

  3. That's something positive to dwell upon. Keep us posted.

    I can't really deal with the "are you human thing" here. I am on my fifth try at proving I'm human. It knows I'm who I am because it has detected my Google account but it still wants me to read some unintelligible shit to post... very irritating and is it really necessary?
    make that the 6th try..

  4. Fallenmonk, I've submitted feedback to Google at least five times about their CAPTCHA text and its effect on old people. They have completely ignored my complaints. I suspect the decision comes from high enough in management that no one working on Blogger is authorized to do anything. I might as well ask TSA to allow me to fly with my boot.

    That said, please note the "refresh" button on each CAPTCHA text. It allows you to ask for a new text without starting over. Sometimes it helps, sometimes not. You can hit it at least a half dozen times. The other trick is to keep a magnifying glass handy; sometimes it helps, especially with the "dark" string. Crazy, I agree, but we don't get to choose.

  5. Continuing that thought... actually, I suppose I could switch to Disqus. But I'm not exactly in condition for large projects at the moment!

  6. I do hope you are on the mend Steve

  7. Thanks, jams. I got word from my doc that the bacterial infection is "mixed" so they can't be pinned down on an antibiotic to use against it. My doc chose Cipro as a preliminary, and it seems to be helping somewhat... the swelling has diminished a bit.



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