Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Euro History Presented By WaPo,
Presentation Criticized By CEPR

WaPo (Howard Schneider), CEPR (Dean Baker). Both are worth a read.


  1. Effective tax rates:

    America the Undertaxed, U.S. Fiscal Policy in Perspective:

    US Taxes Too High Compared To Other Countries?

  2. Thanks, Enfant; I'll skim those articles later. Whether an American is undertaxed or overtaxed depends a lot on their income bracket: I'm sure you can guess whose income gets what taxes. One of the worst things about Rmoney and especially Ryan is that their "plan" (such as it is) intends to move a great deal more of the tax burden off of the rich and on to already severely burdened middle-income and poor people.

    There seems to be no comprehension on the part of the GOP of just how much monkey-wrenching non-wealthy Americans can accomplish if they are beset by literally life-threatening tax burdens. If Rmoney/Ryan are elected, they'll find out... but they will still refuse to believe it. To a true Republican, ideology alone is sufficient... realities are unnecessary.

  3. Steve,
    This concerns average, ex-"middle classes" and above.
    The same in Greece: wealthy shipowners, fraudsters (tax evaders) and other mafiosi pay zero-nothing



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