Friday, August 3, 2012

They Brought The House Down

... the one behind us, that is. It appears I was mistaken about two houses being demolished... it now looks like just one. The pic at right is from Wikipedia, though the view under the equipment through to the next street is similar to ours. Yesterday they finished the takedown; now they're breaking up and hauling away the debris. Yes, our fence is gone, and the ivy; we now have a direct view of the festivities. I've thought of how the driver of that beast must be a contented man free of all tension: imagine what it would be like to be able to take out your worst frustrations by knocking a house down!

The noise continues as they pry up large chunks of the foundation. Yesterday at one point there was a rather ordinary noise, but Our House shook as if they were assaulting it... we're not sure, but we think they accidentally plowed into the back of our garage. I am physically unable to walk back there to inspect it, but Stella says it looks like something may have been pulled loose near the eaves.

Meanwhile, TS Ernesto hangs onto its westward motion, and there is at least one more storm out there that is ripe for development. Nothing is ever dull around here...


  1. Ack! You guys are renting, right? Make sure the supervisor of the demolition knows about the loose eaves thing. They will sail away once their job is done and it's a PITA to get them back on site again to acknowledge the damage.

  2. ellroon, I've called our landlord; his secretary will presumably inform him. The garage is still functional, except perhaps for that back gutter; the garage door opener still works without hesitation, and nothing forward of that gutter is damaged. At this point, it's pretty much up to the landlord, who has been more responsible than most landlords I've had. Worse comes to worst, I have a card from the guy whose property it is; if something is truly wrong, I'll hassle him by phone. I wouldn't worry about it at all except for that jarring jolt that shook Our House; that was scary.



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