Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Headline Of The Day

On a post by TPM's Eric Kleefeld, on a House race in the seat being vacated by Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) as she runs for the Senate:

Wisconsin District Poised To Elect Two Gay House Members In A Row

So... what are they having a row about? I would have thought "another (wo)man," but Ms. Baldwin was, in 1998, the first openly gay House member [in Wisconsin - SB] to win as a non-incumbent, and I doubt State Rep. Mark Pocan, also gay, is really her type...

Seriously... US Rep.-to-be Pocan has it right:
“It just shows that as an issue, society is definitely evolving,” Pocan told TPM before the polls closed. “From the president’s declaration of support for marriage equality, to everything we’ve had over time, it’s clear that people are becoming and more and more appreciative of diversity, I guess.”
To the extent that is true, perhaps Americans are maturing in at least one aspect of their views. It's about damned time!

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